Back Button Focus - The clear choice

March 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
What is Back Button Focus? DSLR cameras, by default, set focus by pressing the shutter button halfway down. Back button focus simply changes the method of focusing by assigning the focus function to another button on the back of your camera (this button will differ depending on your camera model). This means that your index finger is now solely res...
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Photo Retouching

February 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
During some well deserve down time, I usually venture into photo retouching. My weapon of choice is Adobe Photoshop CC versus Lightroom. Reason being, while attending school as a Graphic designer, Photoshop was the standard for image manipulation, not saying Photoshop is better than Lightroom, it's just my preference and I'm glad I got that out of...
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Wedding Checklist 101 - 12 Month Plan

January 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Just got engaged? What to do next? It can be very overwhelming and quite stressful for the couple to be. The goal is to mitigate the stress while having a real sense of empowerment. The way to achieve this is to plan ahead and work together in sharing responsibilities. Solo won't cut it and may create the opposite effect, like a out of control wedd...
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